Flutter Course Syllabus

Flutter Course Syllabus

Flutter course Syllabus at learnsoft.org covers topics such as Dart language fundamentals, Flutter widgets, layout and navigation, state management, animation, and working with APIs.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google's modern and free SDK allowing you to write desktop, web and mobile apps with the same code-base. This course is for absolute beginners. You don't even have to know how to write code in any programming language to begin.


Introduction to Flutter

Overview of Flutter and its architecture

Installation and setup of Flutter SDK and development environment

Creating and running a basic Flutter app

Exploring the Flutter framework and its widgets

Widgets and Layouts

Understanding Flutter widgets and their properties

Working with different types of layouts

Creating custom widgets

Responsive design with Flutter

Navigation and Routing

Navigating between screens in a Flutter app

Implementing different types of navigation patterns

Deep linking and handling routes

Using the Navigator API for navigation

State Management

Understanding state in Flutter

Different approaches to state management

Using stateful and stateless widgets

Implementing BLoC pattern for state management

Networking and APIs

Using HTTP for networking in Flutter

Consuming RESTful APIs in Flutter

Handling network errors and exceptions

Implementing real-time communication with WebSockets

Data Persistence and Storage

Storing data in local storage

Using SQLite for local data storage

Integrating Firebase for data storage

Data encryption and security in Flutter

Animations and Graphics

Creating animations in Flutter

Working with different types of animations

Using the Flutter animation controller

Drawing custom graphics with Flutter

Widgets and Plugins

Exploring Flutter plugins and packages

Integrating third-party libraries and plugins

Using native code and platform channels

Creating custom plugins for Flutter

Testing and Debugging

Understanding testing in Flutter

Unit testing and widget testing

Using the Flutter debugger

Debugging and profiling Flutter apps

Deployment and Distribution

Preparing a Flutter app for deployment

Building and packaging a Flutter app

Deploying to different app stores (Google Play, App Store)

Managing app updates and versioning

Advanced Topics in Flutter

Working with animations and gestures

Creating custom themes and styles

Using Flutter for game development

Integrating Flutter with AR/VR technologies